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Anglers have a real possibility of catching a world record fish.


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Our experienced guides are Woodland Cree, native to Reindeer Lake, and are trained and experienced in targeting all species by any method of angling possible. Fly fishing for trophy

has become a growing trend, and we encourage giving it a try, even if you have never before held a fly rod.

Reindeer Lake is a catch & release lake. Most long-time anglers of this lake will tell you that the trophy fishing is as good or even better than it was decades ago.

Northern Pike

Almost all guests of Arctic Lodges will catch a “Master Angler” Northern Pike, with many more catching Pike over the 45″ mark and bigger. Each year a few anglers are fortunate enough to bring in a 48″ and sometimes even bigger!

There are many ways to fish for Pike, and many variables that come into play, such as weather, time of year, etc. The first thing to consider when planning your fishing trip to Arctic Lodges on Reindeer Lake, is your equipment. We recommend 6.5′ medium/heavy action rod of good quality and a suitable sized reel for the rod that can be spooled with a 14 lb test superline. man in boat holding 4 foot nothern pikeThe line should be tipped with a 12 to 18″ 30 lb steel leader, or, if you prefer fluorocarbon leaders, 80 lb. strength should suffice. Popular lures include Len Thompson spoons, Johnson Silver Minnows and of course the big C80 and C90 Williams Whitefish - adorned with 5-inch white Mister Twister grubs.

For the fly fishermen, we recommend a 9 or 10wt rod for the Pike. They go crazy for the big streamers and poppers, the bigger the better. Preferred colours are red/black or chartreuse, but almost anything will work. Northern Pike are simply put, the most exciting fish to target on the fly. They are big, the fight is tremendous, and they are always hungry and willing to attack almost anything that looks, or is behaving out of the ordinary. Until you hook into a 40″+ Pike on the fly, without any mechanics separating you and the fish, you cannot truly comprehend how powerful these fish are!

In regards to timing, in early June, right after ice out, the Pike are in VERY shallow depths, sunning themselves in the icy cold waters. By mid to late June the weeds start to grow and the Pike are found lying amongst them waiting to ambush their prey. By July and through to early August, the pike have moved to deeper waters where there is significant weed growth. Once the water temperatures begin to cool off in later August, they Pike will move back into shallower waters where there is significant cabbage growth. Once you find the proper habitat, you can literally catch a fish on EVERY cast and with over 5000 islands on Reindeer Lake, you will have no problem finding good Pike habitat!

Whatever time of year you choose, and regardless of the type of fishing you prefer, our guides will put you onto BIG Pike all day long, guaranteed! Upon making your reservation we will discuss the style of fishing you prefer and we will assign a guide to you that will ensure you achieve your desired results!

Lake Trout

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Most anglers, who target Lake Trout, do so by means of trolling large spoons such as Len Thompsons and Eppinger’s Dare Devil Red Eyes. Colours vary based on weather but 5 of diamonds, firetiger, brass and silver are all popular. This method of fishing is effective all year long. Right after ice out, the Lake Trout are very shallow, but by mid-summer, they may be as deep as 65′, prior to coming back to the shallows for the fall spawn. With Lake Trout, the trick is to find the thermocline. They are sensitive to specific water temperatures and once you know what depth they are in, you won’t have any problems catching them. Our guides will be able to put you onto Lake Trout throughout the entire season. Most Lake Trout caught are in the 5 to 10 lb range, however, they get quite large on Reindeer Lake and guests of Arctic Lodges have caught and released Lake Trout of all sizes, including the lodge record of 73 lbs!!!

A growing trend at Arctic Lodges is vertical jigging for the Lake Trout using Bondy Baits, Pearl coloured being the lodge favorite. In regards to equipment, you can utilize the same rod/reel as what you would use for Pike.

Arctic Grayling

pic of arctic grayling

Traditionally, the most popular method of catching Arctic Grayling in on the fly, in both rivers or on the lake. A 4wt rod is recommended. Grayling will often rise to a dry fly, which makes fly fishing for them a thrill! Insect imitations will provide you with the most success. At times, it will seem that the Grayling have “turned-off,” however, if you are able to match the hatch, you will be into some very exciting action for these acrobatic beauties.

If lake fishing for Arctic Grayling, we recommend going out in the calm evening and watch for them surface feeding. Once spotted, you can shut off the motor and paddle in close. Then cast your small Mepps spinners with your 5.5′ Ultra-light rod with 4 lb. test mono line and you will have one right away. Once you’ve caught one, they will spook, however, you need only watch for a moment or two, as they will start feeding just a short ways away. Repeat this process over and over again!


There are few places on earth where the Walleye have as beautiful of colouring as on Reindeer Lake! Once you find one, you’ve found dozens, maybe even hundreds!

pic of 20 inch walleye

Trolling structured points for Walleye is often the easiest way to find them. Once located, focus on that spot by trolling back and forth using the “slow-death” technique, or, if you prefer vertical jigging, simply bounce a jig head tipped with a mister twister off the bottom.

A 6′ light/medium action rod with 6 to 8 lb test monofilament will do the trick for the Reindeer Lake Walleye!

Arctic Lodges has a fully stocked tackle shop that sells all the lures and flies mentioned above, as well as hundreds more. We also carry all the terminal tackle that you will require, and we sell rod and reel combos.

That being said, if you prefer to rent equipment and tackle from us, you can do so very reasonably. Please let us know well in advance if you will be requiring rental equipment.

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