map of the reindeer lake area

Reindeer Lake

Reindeer Lake is located in Northern Canada on the border between northeastern Saskatchewan and northwestern Manitoba, with the majority in Saskatchewan. It is fed by 94 tributaries and is the second largest lake in Saskatchewan and the ninth largest in Canada. This magnificent body of water measures 230 km in length and has a maximum width of 60 km. The total surface area is 6500 sq km and features over 5500 islands, so although it is huge, it is a sportsman’s paradise as even on the windiest of days, an angler is able to find calm waters.

pic of reindeer lake from shore

The maximum depth of Reindeer Lake is 719 feet, in Deep Bay, which is located at the south end of the lake and measuring about 13 km wide. It is the site of a large meteorite impact dating about 140 million years ago. According to local legend, it is also the location of a monster which pulls animals through the ice in winter.

The lake is considered one of the top fisheries in the world for trophy Pike. It is also a premier fishery for Lake Trout, Walleye and Arctic Grayling and is home to many species of fish including Lake Whitefish, Burbot and Perch.

Arctic Lodges is perfectly situated in the middle of the lake, giving guests of the lodge relatively quick and easy access to all areas of the lake. Download a map of Reindeer Lake.

During your stay with us, you have a real opportunity to catch a world record sized fish. You will also have the opportunity to see black bear, wolves, eagles, loons, moose and woodland caribou. The sunsets are breathtaking and the calmness of a still and tranquil morning will give your soul a “shot of life” that you didn’t know you had!


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