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We are pleased to announce the launch of the Arctic Lodges blog.  Arctic Lodges was founded in 1950 and incorporated just a few years later.  It started as a single trapper’s cabin located on a remote island in the middle of Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Since that time it has evolved into a full service fly in fishing lodge that offers guests first class hospitality and world-class trophy fishing.

From time to time, I still come across someone who was a guest of Arctic Lodges in the early years.  Now in their later years, they reminisce of the days when their father or grandfather took them on the trip of a lifetime to the remote wilderness of northern Canada.  They talk about the crystal clear waters of Reindeer Lake, the huge “Northerns” and “Lakers” they caught, and in many cases, they remember the name of their guide along with many of his stories, and of course, the authentic shore lunch he prepared for them on each day of their trip.  Although I would have been very young, and in many cases, yet a twinkle in my father’s eye, I can’t help but think of how very little has really changed in this remote part of northern Saskatchewan.  The waters of Reindeer Lake are still as clear and pristine as they ever have been, the Pike and Lake Trout are still huge, the shore lunches mouthwatering, and although the guide they spoke of may not still be taking anglers to his secret spots, you can bet your favorite lure that at least one of his sons or grandsons are proudly carrying that torch.

What has changed is, of course, the lodge, the amenities and the equipment.  The new main lodge was built in 2009, the cabins have all been updated with washrooms, metal roofs, new doors, etc. and the fleet of boats are 18′ Aluminum Crestliners with 50 HP 4 stroke Mercury outboards.  Quite possibly, one of the best fleets in the north.

I’m certain even the original architect of Arctic Lodges would be very surprised as to how the lodge has evolved.  Having said that, I’m sure it pales in comparison to what his reaction would be as to how we communicate with our guests now, as opposed to then.  Whenever I have asked one of the first visitors of Arctic Lodges how they heard about us at that time, their answer is always, “word of mouth”.  One could argue, the new word of mouth is now social media, hence the launch of the new Arctic Lodges blog, as well as our YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.  Please stay connected for news and information on Arctic Lodges on Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan!

Thank you,

Duane Kurbis
Arctic Lodges, Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

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