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Hi Duane, I just wanted to send you and everyone else at Arctic Lodges a big THANK YOU for such a great and memorable trip. The hospitality was second to none! A special thanks to Duane, Brittany, Ray, Jan and our personal guides, Chris and Dustin for the special treatment and attention you have given us. Commendations are also due to your entire staff as we were welcomed by everyone and all had a good story or two to share. Housekeeping did a wonderful job keeping the cabins tidy and the food was excellent. In short, a great job by all making sure there weren’t any “buts” in regards to our stay at the Arctic Lodges. We came up for the fishing and ended up experiencing a whole lot more. The spectacular scenery. The clean, cool dry air. The beautiful sunsets giving way to almost immediate sunrises. The comradery with the guides, which the boys especially loved. The shore lunches. Moose sightings. Visiting with the other guests and staff. I could go on and on. Of course the fishing is what put it over the top. Thanks again to Chris and Dustin to putting us on to some of the best fishing we have ever experienced. The boys are sharing pictures and stories with friends and anyone else with one good ear. They both had a great time and are already making plans for their next visit. What a first Canadian visit it was for the both of them, and also, the best one for myself.

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