Departure Preperation

Preparing for the trip of a lifetime

A Storied Lodge

Although extremely remote, Arctic Lodges is very easy to access; either by the convenience of their direct charter flights from Winnipeg, or by travel in your own personal aircraft. Arctic Lodges offers full service fly-in fishing packages, that include your direct flight from Winnipeg to it’s private airstrip on Reindeer Lake. The lodge also offers charter service direct from Calgary.

In addition to that, the lodge can provide charter access from many US and Canadian cities, and will accommodate groups of any size with private charters from almost anywhere in North America. Your private charter flight will depart Winnipeg at 6:30 am on day 1 of your trip.

Typically, you will arrive to the lodge, have a quick orientation and breakfast and be out on the lake fishing by 10:00 am. On your 5th and final day, you will depart from the lodge at approximately 9:00 am and should arrive in Winnipeg by 1:00 pm. It is recommended you not book your flight home from Winnipeg until after 3:00 pm to allow for any unforeseen delays.

Our Private Airstrip

Arctic Lodges encourages anglers and adventure enthusiasts who own their own personal aircraft to visit the lodge. The lodge staff can assist you in your flight planning procedures and provide information to ensure your trip is both a safe and pleasurable experience.

Canada is recognized as having one of the most successful and safest civil aviation programs in the world. Transport Canada works with many partners both here at home and around the world to protect and maintain our air safety and security record, and to make air travel more environmentally responsible.

Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA)

View our airstrip information.

Electronic Advance Passenger Information System

The Electronic Advance Passenger Information System, or eAPIS, allows you to enter or upload passenger and crew manifests online. Reports are also available through eAPIS for Customs and Border Protection approved individuals.

Landing on our Airstrip

Trip Preparation

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Arctic Fishing

An experience like no other!