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Fly Fishing at Arctic Lodges

You will see why Arctic Lodges on Reindeer Lake is the perfect location for your Northern Pike fly fishing adventure. Our fleet of boats are equipped with large raised casting decks on 18′ boats that give you plenty of room to throw your fly all day. With over 5000 islands, Reindeer Lake is known for having some of the most habitable shoreline in the world for a fresh water lake, so being able to find a lot of action out of the wind is not at all a difficult task. At Arctic Lodges you can be prepared to catch Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling and even Walleye.

Fly Fishing For Northern Pike

We have heard many times that one of the most exciting fish to catch on the fly is the Northern Pike. Not only will you have the ability to site fish for fat Pike lying in the bays, you can watch them attack your fly viciously while surfacing the water followed by peeling most of your line off. The fight is unbelievable and unlike catching only a few easily spooked bone fish in a day, Pike are fearless and with a well presented fly you have the chance to catch 60-70 plus a day.

Fly Fishing For Lake Trout

In the spring and fall, the Lake Trout are in a feeding frenzy and are shallow enough to catch easily on the fly. Be prepared to enjoy a trip full of action that will leave your arms tired.

Fly anglers might get a couple weeks in the spring and a couple in the fall when these large aggressive fish come up into the shallows to feed and spawn. After that, you better be willing to put down the long stick and start vertical jigging – deep.

Fly Fishing For Walleye

Most people will say it’s impossible, but we assure you it is very possible and can be caught all day on the fly. Catching on the fly is not by any means the most effective way to pull in Walleye, but a skilled fly fisherman is always looking for a good challenge.

Fly Fishing For Grayling

Pound for pound Grayling are arguably one of the best fighting fish out there and pulling them in on a light fly rod on pristine water such as Reindeer Lake is an experience you do not want to miss out on.

When this species of sport fish are hungry, they grab your fly strong and aggressively, which makes them a great fish for new anglers trying Northern Pike fly fishing for the first time.


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