Last day and now a long wait

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Well, as of yesterday my annual Saskatchewan fishing license has expired.  What that means for most of us now is that we spend the long, drawn-out month of April waiting for the spring opener on May 5 in the southern region, May 15th in the central(where I live) and May 25th in the north(Reindeer Lake). 

I did, however, manage to get out on the last day of the season, albeit not at one of my usual fishing spots.  This time I was invited to go along with my brother Greg and his father in law Mike on their annual late season Lake Trout fishing trip.  Although the boys both live in southeastern Sask, these guys are no strangers to catching Lake Trout, and I would dare to say that they can outfish anyone I know for Lakers through the ice as they seem to have their presentation, technique and timing all down to an art. 

At this particular lake we were informed that for the past week nobody was catching anything to speak of, and during our time there, everyone else we talked to seemed to be quite disappointed in the fishing.  That being said, we were experiencing some of the best Lake Trout fishing through ice I have witnessed in a long time.  Now, I would love to share with you the secrets that they boys from southern Saskatchewan possess on how to have such great success catching Lakers through the ice, but I’m afraid if I did, they may not invite me back next year. 

That being said, I will say this….when fishing for Lake Trout through the ice, invest in a good camera and leave the flasher at home.  Once you watch their behaviour on the camera and begin to understand their tendencies and behaviour, you will be able to fish them blind and have tremendous success.

Duane Kurbis
Arctic Lodges, Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

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