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So often we are asked this question, and although there is a correct answer to this question, it’s probably not what you think.

Rest assured, there are lures out there that have proven to be very popular and equally successful. Len Thompson makes one of the highest quality spoons available on the market today and they come in a number of patterns, with the 5 of diamonds and the firetiger being the best. Williams Whitefish spoon in silver or silver/gold is a great quality spoon as well and has proven to be a fantastic choice, especially when tipped with a black mister twister. The Johnson Silver Minnow is another personal favorite of mine, again tipped with a black mister twister.

Now, not all of us prefer to cast spoons all day and retrieve simply by reeling them in. For those that prefer to change things up and “work” the lure, there is probably nothing more exciting than using top water lures. Heddon’s Zara Spook is a great choice, but there are many on the market today. A little more skill is involved in fishing with these lures as you need to keep the line tight, reel slowly and jerk the rod in a consistent and frequent method in order to “walk the dog”, meaning to work the lure back and forth. The purpose of this is to mimic wounded prey, so simply match the colour pattern with the pikes’ favoured diet at the specific time of year and then just set the hook and hold on as they explode from the water. You almost can’t mention pike lures without talking about The Salmo Sweeper, a gliding jerkbait that gradually sinks, which is exactly what wounded fish do. You snap the rod tip in a downward motion to force the lure to sweep to one side, and then pause as it glides back. Snap again in the other direction and large pike will see a confused, exhausted and wounded baitfish, which will cause the pike to do exactly what evolution has taught them to do…strike!

Fly fishing for pike is of course gaining popularity faster than any other method available. Pike are well suited for the fly rod as they are typically found in shallow water and they will attack almost anything, especially when targeting them while lying in ambush. Beginner and professionals alike can enjoy equal results as a 30’ cast is usually sufficient enough to reach them once spotted and the flies don’t make a huge splash when landed on the water on top of the fish by an inaccurate cast. The best flies I have found are big saltwater type streamers, as well as Deceivers, foam head poppers, Bunny Pike flies and even voles. Common colour patterns are red/white, black, chartreuse and even pink. The beauty about fly fishing, even for pike, is you can easily pack a huge assortment of flies to try without worrying about taking up too much room on your charter flight, backpack, boat or anywhere else.

You may already have begun to realize that if you were looking for a simple one sentence answer to the question above, you’ve come to the wrong place. As you can see, there are many options available to you when fishing for pike. We haven’t even scratched the surface in terms of available lures. That being said, rather than looking for the one perfect lure to catch your next trophy, focus in on what type of fishing you want to do (cast spoons, works lures, chuck bugs, etc.). Then, when shopping for lures, look at ones that you not only think will work, but will be fun to fish with. Do this and I can guarantee you success, as you will remain focused and engaged in what you are doing….and that right there is the best tool you can possess when it comes to this great sport of ours.

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