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Packing & Further Info

Packing Advice

The weather is generally quite warm during the day and cools off significantly at night. The temperature ranges from 50 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You do run into some colder days in early June and late August to September.

It’s best to dress in LAYERS. A quality jacket with a high waterproof rating like Gore-Tex will be your best bet in any weather if you have a layer of lightweight long underwear and a warm fleece under it. Quick drying fabrics are great for shirts and pants, there’s many brands out there such as Columbia who offer these. Waterproof boots will be needed in the rain.

***Due to safety and cargo space, please limit your belongings to not exceed 1 – 50 pound checked bag and 1- 13 pound carry on.***

Your Packing Checklist

Clothing/Essentials Check List

□ 2 – 3 pairs of “extra socks”
□ Long underwear
□ 2 pairs pants (optional: zip off legs for hotter days)
□ 3 shirts: 1 short sleeve & 2 long sleeve
□ 1 pull-over: fleece or wool – something very warm
□ Rain jacket – highly waterproof and breathable with hood
□ Rain pants – highly waterproof and breathable
□ 1 hat with brim & visor (waterproof is a plus)
□ Sunglasses (preferably polarized)
□ 1 pair of running shoes or equivalent
□ 1 pair of rubber or waterproof boots – make sure they’re warm for early June/late August
□ Neoprene gloves for colder days (early June/late August)
□ Down vest for colder days (early June/late August)
□ Lip Balm
□ Sunscreen
□ Bug spray
***Camera and/or GoPro*** We have amazing scenery and wildlife so it’s always nice to bring home great pictures! You’ll also want to have lots of pictures with your trophy fish where our guides can show you the proper way to handle them for the ideal shot.


Tackle & Equipment

If you require fishing equipment from our tackle shop, please make us aware of this well in advance of your trip. You can do so by contacting us directly or by indicating this on your guest information form under “Special Requests”.


We recommend a 6 ½’ medium/heavy action rod, spooled with 14 – 20 lb. line for both Pike and Lake Trout. Jigging for Walleye or casting for Arctic Grayling can be done with a 6’ light/medium action rod, spooled with 6 – 8 lb. line. Heavy-duty leaders are a must for the “toothy Pike”, at least 12” in length. These are available at our tackle shop.

Fly Fisherman, an 8 – 10 weight rod for Pike and Lake trout and a 4 weight will do fine for Arctic Grayling.


Our personal favourite is the Johnson Silver Minnow and #5 Mepps red/white for Pike. Daredevils and Len Thompson spoons are great (colours being red/white, five of diamonds, fire tiger). Assorted crank-baits, spinner-baits, buzz-baits, heavy jigs, jigging spoons are all recommended as well. Small Mepps spinners for the Grayling work well.

The gear and tackle you bring may be dependent on time of year and your species of choice, so if you have any questions, call us…we love to talk fishing!

Reindeer Lake is a catch and release lake, meaning the use of barbless hooks are mandatory.

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Forgot to bring something?

If you happen to forget anything or couldn’t fit it in your bag due to weight restrictions, don’t worry, we have everything you may need at the lodge. There is a tackle shop with a wide selection of our best lures and rental setups, a clothing store just in case you need some warm clothing or want to bring home a souvenir for your loved ones, we have confectionary items and hygiene items for sale at our store and a fully stocked bar for the drink of your choice. Our staff will treat you like family as we want you to be comfortable and feel as though you claimed a piece of paradise to call your own.

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