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One of the most famous questions people often ask is which month is the best time to fish at Arctic Lodges? I always say, “It depends on who you ask”. Each month brings different fishing for both northern pike and lake trout.  Here is my two cents on the fishing during our months of operation.

Early June, the lake trout will be shallow as they prefer cold waters, 50°F (10°C). Right after ice out makes for great trout fishing as they are easier to catch due to feeding at shallower depths. The Pike are in VERY shallow depths, sunning themselves in the icy cold waters. Many of our guests prefer June fishing due to the “quantity” of fish being caught. That being said, I’ve seen guests in July and August catch 100+ fish in a day. At the beginning of June, the length of time it takes for the ice to melt all depends on the snow coverage from the winter. The last few years the ice has been taking longer to fully melt which has forced us to start our first trip date on June 12th instead of our normal June 8thdate. Something to keep in mind, the waters are cold and active but there could be the chance of limited access to the lake which will be north of the lodge if ice off is late.

Artur Szalkowski, picture taken June 16th,
note the ice behind him.

The weather is unpredictable in June, one day may be cold and raining the next day may be 80 degrees (27 degrees C), sunny and beautiful. According to weather averages the average low is 50°F (10°C) and average high is 77°F  (25°C). You can expect to see rain or drizzle 16 days of the month, snow possibly 1 day.

Chris Payne, July trophy trout catch

By July, especially the beginning of July, you can expect the best of both worlds. The waters will still be cold and active as the fish will still be shallow and the weather is most likely to warm up and be more cooperative. Once the surface temperature begins to warm up,  lake trout will move to deeper water as deep as 70’. The pike will be coming out of the shallows to about 15’-20’ deep in the bays closer to the mouth and then begin to hide in the weed bed closer to the end of July. The weather is usually average low 53°F (12°C) and average high 81°F (27°C). You can expect to see some rain or drizzle 19 days of the month.


Gord Pyzar, 48.5 inch pike
caught late August

My favourite time for Pike, is mainly August.  I like August because that is when there is the most weed bed, and when you see a bed of cabbage in the water, you will find nothing but Pike and big ones.  Follow this link to read an article from Infishemen magazine called “Cabbage Patch Pike”, written by Gord Pyzar who stayed at Arctic Lodges and fished the area.


Here a link for a summary of the article, click here:


For the full article click here:


Trout will still be in deep, cold waters and move closer to the surface as the temperature begins to cool. August is also a great time to the see the best display of the stars and the northern lights as the daylight hours are far less compared to the springtime. It is quite amazing, people all over the world travel this far north to experience this display, so make sure to bring your camera.

During September when temperatures start to cool off, lake trout come back up to shallower waters to feed before spawning and can be fished by trolling or casting. Pike move back to shallower water as the water temperature cools. Fall calls for great fishing. The average low temperature is 47°F (8°C) and average high is 70°F (21°C). You can expect to see 19 days with some drizzle or rain.
Stay tuned for later blogs on my fishing techniques and tackle suggestions.

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