Nature & Wildlife

Untamed & Free

Bountiful Wildlife

The boreal forest of Northern Saskatchewan is known for its pristine, untouched beauty which boasts an opportunity to see wildlife daily. Our remote location and wilderness lodge is perfectly situated so you don’t have to venture far to see many animals and birds. The most common animals to see are moose, caribou, and black bears. Mink, otters, beavers, fishers, and pine martins are sometimes seen on our island. Timber wolves and other boreal forest wildlife are common in our area but we do not see them very much as they are forest hunters without much liking for water. However, you will see many eagles (and sometimes even a nest of youngsters), loons, mallard ducks and many other birds.

“My son and I want to thank you for the trip of our lifetime. The quality of the staff, food, boats, fishing, and guiding expertise exceeded anywhere Ive fished in 40 years. What a tremendous value compared to other lodges. Scenery unspoiled by logging as well.”